About Tongcheon Jeolkwondo



Korean MMA! Martial art for bodyguard, security and self-defence

Jeolkwondo is a combined martial art that focuses on self-defence in a real life combat situation. It was created base in Korean Marine Corps specifically for the purpose of bodyguard, security work and self-defence. It has established itself as a curriculum in universities in Korea for those wanting to go in to the above professions.

As a student of Jeolkwondo, you will learn hand strikes(Boxing, Kickboxing), kicks, submission holds, break-falls, nunchuk, short staff, long staff and much more. It caters for those who just want to learn variety of effective martial art skills as well as those who are serious about defending themselves against aggressors and defusing situations in a safe manner.

Jeolkwondo’s curriculum is able to cater to any age and gender due to its wide range of syllabuses. It offers full contact sparring for those craving the combat side but also has many short patterns, long patterns, break-fall techniques etc, for those who does not necessarily enjoy the physical contact side.

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