Master Jung Joo Kim

Founder of Global Martial Arts NZ

Taekwondo Master

New Zealand Haidong Gumdo Head Master

Tong Chun Jeolkwondo NZ Head Master

President of World Hapkido Federation NZ

President of Korean Traditional Martial Arts Organisation Inc.

Bachelor of Sports and Recreation (AUT)

Diplomas of Fitness Training (AUT)

Certificate of Aerobic Instruction (AUT)

Complete Exercise Programming for Women (AUT)

Registered Exercise Professional (Personal Trainer)

Participate Success Communication & Success Leadership (Speechcraft)

Associate Professor of Kookmin Universtiy in Korea (Global Sports faculty)

Citation from World Taekwondo Federation

Citation from Seoul City Taekwondo Association

Citation from Kwangjingu Taekwondo Association

Citation from Kwangjingu Sprots Council

Citation from Korea Taekwondo Cultural Centre

Citation from Tongchun Jeolkowndo Federation.