Meet the Instructors


Eung Yeon Jon

Instructor Jon has a Black Belt in Taekwondo. He has briefly learnt Taekwondo at a very young age and stopped when he came to New Zealand. This all changed when he met his current master Jason Kim by chance.

After the initial meeting with him and sharing a pleasant conversation, he decided to come to Master Kim’s trial class. After the first day he found out just how unfit he was and how much he could learn while being part of Global Martial Arts.

After 3 years of hard training he is now an instructor for the children’s class. His objective is to teach all his students not only the physical skills of Taekwondo but also its philosophies and values. He hopes to produce the kind of students that will set good examples and become role models for future students to look up to. Naturally, he expects all of his students to behave in exactly the same way outside the Dojang (Training Facility) as they behave in the Dojang. he also hopes that his students will show higher discipline and focus wherever they go. This is because he firmly believes that being a Martial Artist is a privilege that people carry around with them at any time and therefore obliges them to act in an exemplary way.


Je Ick (Jake) Jeon

Instructor Jake comes from South Korea to add an impressive martial art, Tongcheon Jeolkwondo. He was taught in the Tongcheon Jeolkwondo Headquarter and have attained several qualification to teach Jeolkwondo. He has also served in the Korean Military, as a Marine Corps. Under this service he received a black belt in Taekwondo.

While teaching classes he is also self-studying English Language. He is also doing the Instructor’s Course in Taekwondo and Haidong Gumdo under the guidance of Master Kim.

He believes in fun way to learn Martial Art and is constantly demonstrates this ideal in class by always inducing smiles and laughter. He is also a rabid believer in the internal side of the Martial Art. He consistently reminds students that violence outside the dojang is unacceptable and needless.

Area of Specialty

  • Jeolkwondo Instructor
  • Haidong Gumdo Instructor
  • Taekwondo Instructor
  • Sparring Technique
  • Demonstration Technique
  • Poomsae
  • Kumbup
  • Self-Defence
  • Weapon Arts (Nunchaku, Short Staff, Long Staff, Dagger, etc)
  • Breakfall
  • Private Training Available