Beginner Private Lessons Classes

With GMA’s Private Martial Arts Lessons, you will learn the most effective Martial Arts techniques mixed with TKB to create a challenging and practical martial arts experience!







Get Personal Attention From Certified Instructors Dedicated To Helping You Achieve & Conquer Your Goals!

One GMA’s personal lesson is the equivalent of 2 regular classes. These lessons are the optimal program to attain your martial arts goals in an intensive, challenging yet fun environment which explains why it is so popular with our students. When you decide to enroll in a private lesson, the rewards you will obtain are priceless and the benefits are endless!

Your training will be One-on-One with a certified instructor who is one hundred percent dedicated to your personal gains. Your training will consist of our highest curriculum, which will include an intense workout that will increase your strength, flexibility and endurance. Due to such workouts, your advancements will be fast paced, and your combat training and self defense will improve dramatically.

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The gains you will obtain from your Private Lesson are no solely physical. You will notice significant benefits from the self discipline, mental strengthening, and stress relieving training incorporated into all of our workouts.

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Benefits of Private Lessons

  • Intensive & Challenging
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Increased Endurance
  • Increased Self-Discipline
  • One-On-One Training With A Certified Instructor


Private Lesson is not available during the class time. Often it is available during morning or early afternoon and late night or Weekends.

Private Lesson Fee (Taekwondo, Tongchong Jeolkwondo, Haidong Gumdo, TKB)

30 Mins    One on One $60      One on Two $37.5/person      One on Three $30/person

45 Mins     One on One $80     One on Two $47.5/person      One on Three $37/person

60 Mins    One on One $100    One on Two $60/person        One on Three $47/person


Brand New Program – TKB (Kickboxing) Private Lesson Available

Taekwondo, Boxing and Kickboxing (TKB) uses both Upper Body and Lower Body. There is lots of punching, kicking, Kneeing, Elbow techniques and lots of stepping as well.

This sport also involves hitting pads or punching bags, which is good for stress release. Mixture of functional and core exercise will help you to improve muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness and weight loss. It is also good for learning effective self-defence techniques.


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