Family Class

Global Martial Arts is very proud to introduce another class to its impressive range of classes. This is the new TKD Family Class.

TKD Family Class is a family oriented class, which will give chance to its members an opportunity to train Taekwondo in a family environment. It will create a friendlier and more fun environment as you train with other family members. The presence of other family members can often empower each other to try harder and even create an environment, where it is easier to practice at home because your fellow class members are right there at home with you.

Advantage to kids can include being more comfortable, more confident, more focused and disciplined. The reason for this is because they feel that they must do better to impress their family members, being in a familiar surrounding makes them more comfortable and hence being more confident and kids will behave better knowing that their parents are watching them.

Advantage to adults can include being able to enjoy a fun and exciting session with their children, being empowered to learn more and try harder to be a good role-model and to be able to teach the kids when they are outside the dojang. This is also good for family bonding because the whole family will have something in common to discuss and try at home.

Best of all, unlike other TKD Classes, there is no age restrictions. This will allow for parents, teenagers and young children to participate in same class.

The above reasons are a great reason to enrol your family into the TKD Family Class and have a blast.

Team Training (TKD)

This class is preparation training for the Taekwnodo competition. From this training each individual student will improve either Poomsae performance or Olympic Kyuruki (sparring) or both. This class will be intenser training than normal class training . From this training most of students will gain confidence and skills to compete in various of different Taekwondo competition.

Team Training (Childeren and Adults)

Every Wednesday 7.30~8.30pm