Taekwondo_classes_adult_auckland_nzTaekwondo adult classes are for any age from 11 upwards. The classes are very exciting, structured and full of learning. You will sweat, smile and learn the entire way through. As you progress, you will see your flexibility, strength, speed and endurance increase rapidly while also noticing marked improvements in concentration, focus and general well being.

Our Taekwondo classes are conducted in commercial air-conditioning facilities with ample parking, and all equipment is provided for lessons including body and head protection gear and punch and kicking bags.



Taekwondo_sparring_classes_auckland_nzTaekwondo Sports class is mainly designed for students that want to improve their kicking and competitive sparring skills.

This class will focus on combination kicks, counter attack and other essential sparring techniques. This class is highly advantageous for those who want to compete in the sparring competition.

The Master Kim has extensive knowledge on sparring techniques as well as having taught the New Zealand Olympic Representatives.