About us

Global Martial Arts HQ is based at Albany, North Shore, Auckland
We provide you with an independent opportunity to learn traditional Korean martial arts such as Taekwondo, Haidong Gumdo, Jeolkwondo. Taekwondo needs no introduction as it is arguably the most popular martial arts in the world, HaiDong Gumdo is a sword martial art that is rapidly spreading across the globe and Jeolkwondo is modern innovative self defence based martial arts.

Our primary objective at Global Martial Arts is to provide Korean Martial Arts to New Zealanders and cause a positive impact throughout the community due to this. The positive impact we speak of isn’t restricted only to the physical well-being; we also teach positive mental and social aspects as well - we train the mind as well as the body and soul.

Firstly, we like to set a limit on the number of students per class. This enables us to concentrate on each individual student and give them our full attention so the training effects of all the students in class can be maximised, rather than just a few getting all the attention.

Secondly, we create a structure and vigorously follow it to keep the learning objective consistent for all the grading. This is also good on the students as they get a very good indication of what will be taught during their grading.

Thirdly, the classes have been scientifically designed and tested to suit people of all ages. Not only this, but the classes are designed in a way to cater for students that favour the sparring side and also those that favour more of the performance and fitness side. Our classes are designed to ensure that students don’t get injured during practice or sparring. We are mindful that there are those who do not enjoy the rough side of sparring, so we also cater for those people by carefully structuring the class to suit them.

Global Martial Arts continuously aims to be unique and improve our classes.

As well as this, we have created various non contact fitness classes to suit general population regardless of fitness level. Every class is fun, energetic and scientifically designed to improve on fitness, muscular endurance and flexibility.

So, come and try one of our many classes today - you will notice the difference and have a blast!


Master Jung Joo Kim
Head Master of Global Martial Arts