TAEKWONDO Taekwondo is “the art of kicking and punching.” Tae means “to kick”, Kwon means “to punch” and Do means “art”. However, this is only a superficial translation. ‘Do’ in Korean implies a philosophical viewpoint or way of approaching life


    About Tongcheon Jeolkwondo   Korean MMA! Martial art for bodyguard, security and self-defence Jeolkwondo is a combined martial art that focuses on self-defence in a real life combat situation. It was created base in Korean Marine Corps specifically

Haidong Gumdo

    About Haidong Gumbo Korean Sword Martial Art Haidong Gumdo is a traditional Korean sword martial art that offers patterns, candle blow-out, paper cutting, bamboo cutting, straw cutting and also sparring. Its characteristics of incorporating patterns as well as

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We provide you with an independent opportunity to learn traditional Korean martial arts such as Taekwondo, Haidong Gumdo, Jeolkwondo. Taekwondo.


KOREAN MARTIAL ARTS including Taekwondo, Jeolkwondo and Haidong Gumdo are the best investment you can make in yourself or your child, developing a foundation of fitness, coordination, confidence, competence, discipline and focus.